Loch Ness, A New Book Written by Adrian Shine .English and German versions available.

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"Loch Ness" by Adrian Shine

As a naturalist and a researcher for more than 30 years, Adrian Shine brings an environmental perspective to the investigation which sheds unnexpected light into the controversy.
"We have explored Loch Ness layer by layer, from the surface right down to the loch bed ; 230m into the peat-stained water, a cold, dark environment. Loch Ness is a real "Lost World " but it is an Ice Age lost world with surprisingly varied habitats and creatures" .
This 32 page booklet has full colour illustrations and brings the Loch Ness story up to date with the modern thinking upon the candidates behind the mystery.
Crammed with information on the natural environment and the investigation of Loch Ness. It is also a helpful resource for home-educators, teachers and for school projects.

"Quite simply, the best new booklet on Loch Ness for forty years".
Dick Raynor - Loch Ness Researcher

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In English, German or French Version.